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Have you been charged with a misdemeanor or felony involving:

If you have been charged with any of the above, a conviction could ruin your reputation in your community,
prevent you from obtaining future employment or education, cost you money and time, and worst of all, you may
face time in jail.  With so much at stake, you need to know your rights and your options.  Let Attorney Watsi M.
Sutton explain your rights and your options.  Whether you are innocent or guilty, knowing your rights and your
options.  Having the right criminal defense attorney matters.

Felony vs. Misdemeanor-Know the Difference

In North Carolina a felony is a serious offense such as an assault & battery with bodily harm, domestic
violence, murder, rape, kidnapping, certain sexual offenses, and other violent crimes.
Felonies are punishable by a jail term in excess of one year.

Misdemeanor: In North Carolina a misdemeanor is a less serious crime carrying with it possible jail time of less
than one year and/or a fine of up to $1 000 plus penalties and assessments.
Although generally considered minor, a misdemeanor should be taken seriously because, if convicted, it results in
your having a criminal record.

Drug Cases

If you've been arrested on a drug charge, you're certainly not alone.  Fortunately, it's possible to mount an
aggressive defense to a drug charge with the help of a skilled defense lawyer. Watsi M. Sutton can thoroughly
analyze your case and determine the most effective strategy to challenge the case against you.

Whether your drug charge is possession, sales or any other charge involving methamphetamine, powder cocaine,
crack or base cocaine, heroin, marijuana, it's possible to mount a strong defense with the help of the right
defense lawyer. Attorney Watsi M. Sutton has the skills and knowledge needed to aggressively fight your drug

A drug conviction carries extremely harsh punishment that often includes fines, asset forfeiture and jail or
prison time, so it's essential that you act decisively by assembling a strong defense team.
Some drug cases should be taken to trial, while others may be favorably resolved with a skillfully negotiated plea
bargain that may result in alternative sentencing.

You have rights that can be lost if not asserted timely.  Don’t delay.  Contact  Watsi M. Sutton, Attorney at Law, at
252-946-1897 for a free consultation.

Post-conviction expungement

If you’ve been convicted of a criminal offense, your criminal history is a matter of public record.  Anyone interested
in your criminal record can obtain a copy from your county courthouse.  These days, technology has blurred the
gap between public and private information, and background checks are becoming more and more common.
Unfortunately, almost anyone with Internet access can locate your criminal record.

Because it’s now extraordinarily easy to access your criminal record, expungement or another form of post-
conviction relief is critically important. Expungement works like cleaning up a credit report. A successful
expungement means that the conviction is removed from the record.  The knowledgeable staff at The Law Offices
of Watsi M. Sutton can evaluate your criminal conviction to determine whether post-conviction relief may be an

To facilitate a successful expungement hearing, you may have to call witnesses, file declarations, provide the
court with information about you and your particular circumstances, and convince the judge why your good
conduct and reform justify expunging the conviction.   It’s still entirely possible to expunge your criminal conviction,
and the benefits of doing so are significant.   Your case may be eligible for dismissal or a reduction to a lesser
offense, even if you originally pled guilty.  In these cases, the guilty plea is withdrawn and the case is dismissed.

In some cases, certain felonies can be reduced to misdemeanors.  

While expungement is not available in all cases, an experienced criminal defense attorney, Watsi M. Sutton can
assist you to know your options.  

Most employers are prohibited from asking about both arrests that did not result in convictions, and expunged
offenses. However, there are limits on expungement relief, including several situations that require mandatory
disclosure of expunged offenses.

Still, the benefits of expungement far outweigh the limitations. While expungement is most commonly considered
for purposes of future employment, the psychological benefits should not be overlooked. Knowing that a prior
criminal conviction is out there can be unnerving. While hiring a good criminal defense attorney to help resolve
matters initially is always encouraged, there’s no reason to suffer needlessly from a prior conviction. Help is

For a free-of-charge preliminary evaluation on whether your offense can be expunged, please call The Law
Offices of Watsi M. Sutton at 252-946-1897 today.
* Arson
* Assault
* Breaking and Entering
* Burglary
* Child Abuse
* Domestic Violence
* Embezzlement
* Fraud
* Gun or Weapons Violations
* Indecent Liberties with Children
* Larceny
* Manufacture of Drugs
* Obtaining Property by False Pretenses
* Possession of Drugs
* Rape
* Robbery
* Statutory Sex Offenses
* Trafficking of a Controlled Substance





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